Insomnia Cookies Launches Deluxe Cookie Cakes and New Caramel Apple Pie Products

Insomnia Cookies Launches Deluxe Cookie Cakes and New Caramel Apple Pie Products

November 09, 2020

Get ready to make your gathering even more delicious with Insomnia Cookies! Insomnia’s premier innovation destination, CookieLab, is launching a few fun products perfect for all holiday celebrations. Starting on November 9th, you’ll be able to snag these new, party-starting all-stars:

·         Deluxe Cookie Cakes: The party doesn’t stop when there’s a Deluxe Cookie Cake involved. We’ve taken your favorite Deluxe cookie flavor and turned it into a delicious 6” or 10” cake topped with buttercream frosting and your choice of cake center (for an extra festive touch, we recommend one of our Thanksgiving-themed centers). The 6” cake serves up to 4 people and the 10” serves up to 8.


·         Caramel Apple Pie Cookie: All the things we love about fall wrapped up into one warm, delicious CookieLab creation. The Caramel Apple Pie cookie features rolled oats, ribbons of caramel, hints of cinnamon, and melt-in-your-mouth pieces of apple in every bite.


·         Caramel Apple Pie Cookie Cake: It’s a cookie that looks like a cake and tastes like a pie—how does it get any better than that? Our delicious Caramel Apple Pie cookie is baked into a 10” cake then dressed up with luscious apple pie filling and buttercream frosting. Don’t be surprised if all eyes are on this cookie prize during Thanksgiving dinner.


These treats are available for a limited time only, so snag one (or all) while supplies last! For full nutritional information on the Caramel Apple Pie products, please click here.

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