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Be part of our dynamic Marketing Rep Program!
Promote cookies, make money and build your resume….it doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

Marketing Reps


This is definitely the best job you will have in college. As a Campus Marketing Representative you will plan events, samplings and drop offs to brighten cookie-lovers days’ when they least expect it. Some days you will find yourself on campus sampling to students in the library, at an event in the community or dropping off cookies to the nursing staff in the emergency room! You will gain real world marketing experience; possibly become the most popular person on campus and you will get paid! For real! #signmeup


Think you have what it takes? Take a look at our ideal candidate:

  • Loves Insomnia Cookies
  • Full or part time college student
  • Preferably Marketing, Communications, PR or Advertising Major
  • Outgoing and creative personality
  • Self-motivated
  • Lives on or around campus
  • Active on campus, integrated into campus networks (clubs, organizations, etc.)
  • In the know of campus life (nightlife, parties, etc.)
  • Active presence on social media pages (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Access to personal computer with high speed internet & smartphone with camera


So here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • Excite students and portray positive image of Insomnia Cookies brand on campus
  • Become knowledgeable about Insomnia Cookies brand and products
  • Identify key groups and organizations on campus
  • Source appropriate fundraising and charity opportunities
  • Build relationships with campus media (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.)
  • Reach out to introduce the brand to freshman and new students
  • Build Insomnia Cookies brand awareness through your social media pages, share relevant content and offers posted on Insomnia Cookies social media pages
  • Complete 2 -3 activities a week, activities include:
  • Events: Source on campus and local events, festivals, sporting events, etc.; and help in tabling/staffing the event
  • Samplings
  • Business Drops: Drop off cookies to local businesses and organizations to help grow our local business
  • Distributing marketing collateral throughout campus (flyering dorms, library, common areas, off campus housing, etc.)


Throughout the semester you’ll work with your marketing manager to accomplish:

  • 2 -3 activities (sampling, event or business drops) a week
  • Recap weekly efforts to your Marketing Manager
  • Complete localized programming requirements per semester
  • Participate in bi-Weekly catch up calls with Marketing Manager
  • Source campus and local events and relay to Insomnia Cookies Marketing
  • Source fundraiser opportunities and relay to Insomnia Cookies Marketing


And we will pay you!


The Campus Marketing Representative position follows the academic calendar. You will be required to work during the semester, but not during school breaks. (i.e; Fall Break, Spring Break, Holidays, or the summer)- This keeps getting better and better!

The position allows for you to work 20 hours/month @ $10/hour. You will be paid as an hourly employee, and it is required that you clock-in at the store. 

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